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I was introduced to Andre in 2005, on our college campus in South Carolina. We both moved there because of our scholarships, his academic and mine athletic. (Go figure!) He left Trinidad and me from Canada. Little did we know that we would meet and fall for each other. 2 years later, he randomly came to my rescue when my car broke down. We became inseparable!


We both come from families that stress the importance of education. So naturally, we both entered grad school after college. And I just couldn’t stop there because I always had a goal of becoming a lawyer. I went to law school, while Andre pursued engineering.


We lived apart throughout our studies and in 2012, after my first semester of law school (the hardest thing EVER), we got married surrounded by 20 guests in one of our favorite cities - Atlanta!


Since then, I’ve had the privilege of being his partner and he’s been my number 1 supporter as I pursue my dreams. How lucky am I?

I love an extraordinary love story, and I’m so excited to hear yours!